Can my landlord increase the rent as he wishes?

A landlord in the Emirate of Dubai can only increase the rent if he is allowed to do so pursuant to the applicable laws. This is the case when the landlord has firstly informed the tenant of his intention to increase the rent at least 90 days prior to the expiry of the current tenancy contract, provided the contract does not stipulate a different period, and secondly the currently paid rent is significantly below average. The latter requirement is met in case that the rent is at least 11% lower than the average rents payable in the same neighbourhood. Depending on how great this deviation between the rent paid and the average rent is, the landlord can raise the annual rent by a maximum of 20%. If and at what rate a rental increase is permitted, can be verified through the so-called Rental Index Calculator, which is accessible through the website of the Dubai Land Department.

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