My insight into our day-to-day work

The section "Snapshot" provides us with the opportunity to share with you some personal memories and impressions of our day-to-day work. We had great fun experiencing and compiling them and hope they bring a smile to your face as well.

Correct invoice - A piece of cake?!

To make our office even more appealing to our clients (and of course to us), we always get beautiful roses delivered on Mondays. A challenge and cause of internal bets every week is to get an invoice at all - and then also a correctly issued one. This bold intention usually costs me various phone calls and eMails because either the date, the number or the invoice amount is wrong. The sense of achievement is all the greater when I finally hold the correct invoice in my hands and can pass it on to our accounting department. And the next bet is already lined up for the coming week...

Julia Bolz