Together. Successful. Pioneering.

Dubai, June 2022

Dear Clients and Friends!

17 years ago, on 11 June 2005, ANDERS LEGAL CONSULTANCY opened its doors for the very first time. Since then, we have met many challenges and celebrated great successes together. It is time to give a heartfelt thanks to you – for your trust in us and the rewarding collaboration on countless matters, whether big or small!

I would like to express my gratitude for 17 years ANDERS LEGAL CONSULTANCY to my colleagues as well: Alvernia Campbell witnessed the beginnings of the firm and is now spearheading the communication with local authorities. Bettina Partzsch is responsible for tenancy and real estate-related matters and possibly knows procedures in certain free zones better than some employees actually working there. Julia Bolz always lends a sympathetic ear and keeps us and our office organised. Barbara Chihab is in charge of onboarding new clients and ensures that all important documents are readily available. Kristina dela Peña and Daizyree Cabos reign supreme over the accounting department and hunt down even the smallest inaccuracies. Without such a well-attuned team, our success would not be possible!

Through the years, the business environment in the United Arab Emirates has not become any easier. The global economy is weak, the geopolitical situation in the Middle East is tense, the public sector no longer invests as generously as it used to and regulatory requirements increase constantly. Many quality products succumb to cheaper competition. These factors have indeed caused companies to pack up and leave.

But to literally bury one's head in the sand has never been an option in the Emirates. Time and time again, those responsible have proven to be visionary thinkers, looking unwaveringly ahead. And we are convinced: Sustainable business models and innovative products and services will continue to attract customers in the years to come. Now as before, the United Arab Emirates provides the best conditions throughout the whole region for your business ventures for the foreseeable future.

We are looking forward to standing by your side and lending our support.

With the warmest regards from the entire team,

Yours truly,
Ines Anders