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Company set up in Dubai Airport Freezone with approval of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

At present, we are setting up a free zone company (FZCO) in Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZ) for our client that has specialised in the renovation and refurbishment of the interior fittings of private jets. Apart from the coordination of the entire establishment process, including the drafting all required documents and the leasing of the warehouse space of the FZCO, we are organising the application to obtain an external approval of the supervisory authority, in this case the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA).

Deregistration of free zone companies in Dubai South

Currently, we are liquidating several companies which are licensed in the free zone Dubai South. For this purpose, we are coordinating the applicable procedures to deregister the respective licenses as well as terminating the existing tenancy contracts with Dubai South. Furthermore, we are drafting settlement agreements between the shareholders in order to allow for a smooth cancellation of the companies from the registers and the distribution of all remaining assets between the shareholders. We are also liaising closely with the respectively appointed auditors with regard to the preparation of the liquidation reports.

Negotiation of lease terms and conditions for indoor playground

We are supporting our client, a co-partner of a limited liability company (LLC) based in Dubai, in the negotiations for the rental of the premises of the LLC. The LLC intends to operate a new type of indoor playground on the property. Therefore, it is of vital importance to strengthen the rights of the LLC as a tenant as well as to stipulate specific responsibilities to be observed by the landlord. Pivotal topics are a mutual confidentiality obligation as well as a right to a say or right to veto the performance of marking activities and the usage of the company name of the LLC by the landlord.

Exchange of LLC's local shareholder

We are currently assisting in the transfer of shares in a Dubai-based limited liability company (LLC) from one local majority shareholder to another. In addition, we are supporting the client in granting new powers of attorney to the members of the LLC's board of directors as well as in revoking existing powers of attorney.

Successful Termination of Unregistered Distributorship

Our client aimed at amicably terminating the legal relationship with its distribution partner in the UAE. As a first step, we verified that the distribution agreement had not been registered with the local Commercial Agency Register and, thus, the significant protections a distributor could benefit from under the UAE Commercial Agency Law did not apply. In close cooperation with the German-based lawyers of our client, we have then reviewed and revised a settlement agreement from a UAE legal perspective which was ultimately signed by both parties.

We welcome Kristina dela Peña to our team

Ms dela Peña is a certified public accountant and will work in our accounts department.

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