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Timely adoption of MoAs and AoAs as well as powers of attorney for general managers to new Commercial Companies Law

Initially, a deadline until 30.06.2016 to comply with the new regulations had been set. After an extension of one year was given to existing companies to adjust their positions, limited liability companies (LLCs) are now expected to amend their memoranda and articles of association until 30.06.2017. We have recently assisted a number of our clients in preparing the required documents as well as attending the meetings with the notary public and the licensing authority.

Appointment of HR Signatories for DMCC Companies

Effective 26.02.2017, new standard operating procedures have been introduced in the free zone Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). As a result, all free zone companies licensed in DMCC have to mandatorily appoint an HR Signatory who has to affix his electronic signature on all required documents associated to employment and visa related matters. Applications shall thus be processed faster, more efficiently and paperless. We are currently assisting several clients with the appointment of their respective HR Signatory by raising the necessary application through the DMCC online portal as well as subsequently accompanying the applicant to an appointment at DMCC for the verification of his personal data and his authorization in the system. Further, we are supporting such HR Signatories who are currently staying abroad in arranging a video conference with an employee of DMCC which replaces their personal appearance at DMCC.

Completion of registration process at RTA for car rental

Upon having received its license, the limited liability company (LLC) of which our client is the minority shareholder was not permitted to conduct its business activity in Dubai - renting out luxury vehicles - straight away. Instead, the registration process of the LLC at the responsible supervisory authority, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), had to successfully be completed beforehand. In particular, we assisted the general manager of the LLC with his participation in a mandatory seminar on the usage of the online system which has to be used when leasing vehicles as well as the subsequent appointments at Dubai Police and RTA. After the successful completion of all procedural steps, the LLC will now be able to register vehicles in its own name and to rent them out to its clients.

Exchange of LLC's local shareholder

On behalf of our client, we have arranged for a transfer of shares in a limited liability company (LLC) and prepared the documents required, such as the share sale agreement, the amendment of the LLC's memorandum and articles of association, new powers of attorney, inter alia for the LLC's general manager, as well as the cancellation of existing powers of attorney. Furthermore, we have accompanied our client to the notary public and handled the amendment of the LLC's commercial license.

Registration as Sub-Distributor with Dubai Civil Defence

We have previously assisted our client with the addition of an activity to the license of a DMCC company whose majority shareholder it is. In order to be able to actually conduct this activity, the DMCC company now has to register with the competent authority, namely Dubai Civil Defence. Hence, we are not only supporting our client in compiling all documentation needed but are also drafting the required sub-distribution agreement. Furthermore, we are coordinating the process with Dubai Civil Defence in order to ensure that relevant deadlines are complied with.

VDMA Dubai-Meeting

Pia Eiler will represent ANDERS LEGAL CONSULTANCY and give a lecture about the Dubai Health Insurance Law and the new UAE Bankruptcy Law. The event is organized by the German Engineering Association (VDMA) and will take place in Dubai on 17.11.2016.